Winery Experience; Fowles Wines

July 03, 2018
Winery Experience; Fowles Wines

Fowles Wine is one of Victoria's premier winery spots, located in the Strathbogie Ranges. Wild game meat and home grown vegetables need beautifully matched wine, and thanks to Fowles Wine CEO, Matt Fowles, this is delivered in spades.

The famous Cellar Door Cafe provides one of the best food & wine experiences, specifically matching their food wines with game that not only tells a story but provides an in-depth experience into why Fowles Wine do what they do so well. It is truly inspiring yet entertaining. Check out the Gamekeepers Platter here.

The Stone Dwellers wine range is outstanding, showcasing the best wines of the Strathbogie Ranges, all enjoyed in the comfortable surrounds of the Cellar Door Cafe and matched with the best produce of the region. All fresh and exceptionally presented, this is a food & wine experience that you must enjoy and share with family and friends.


The Strathbogie Ranges are a rugged mountain range located approximately 100 kilometers north of the Melbourne CBD - about a 90 minute drive. Elevated up to over 600m, it is a beautiful range that is nutrient-rich with a cool climate that is an ideal mix for producing exceptional wines. Think bold flavours that are full of character.

It is simply one of Australia's most spectacular wine regions, producing amazing views to match a world-class gastronomic experience.


Enjoy a casual tasting from Victoria's Best Tourism Winery 2012/13 with your own wine expert before enjoying specifically prepared game to match the best wines of the region.

Four delicious tastes of game with paired wines, finishing with a beautiful dessert and tea or coffees… the perfect day out in the ranges.

Only $60 per person makes this one of the best winery experiences available.

TIXSTAR provides amazing winery experiences in one place - our team can assist in curating a special wine experience for your and your guests.

For further information on the Strathbogie Ranges and what you can experience at Fowles Wines click here..