Why you should buy experiences and not more possessions

July 20, 2016
Why you should buy experiences and not more possessions

Life is about excitement, energy, passion and emotion. It is what gets us out of bed in the morning and is what we get animated about at work and socially.

Live in anticipation, gathering stories and memories.

We all work hard, having busy lifestyles and are consumed by media, technology and the ever changing fast-paced world. When you spend your hard earned on things to entertain, you are doing so to make you happy, to give you a certain feeling and memory.

Experiences give you long-lasting memories.....and great stories!

Positive Experiences and even bad experiences give you great stories, great stories are attached to emotions and feelings which become entrenched in who we are as individuals.

Experiences are more important than material goods - we are all in the race to keep up with the Jones' and it's your choice what you value most. Material things will only give you temporary happiness with no emotional connection.

Think about this if you are in business - it's part of who we are to emotionally connect with experiences. Business people are no different. So if business relationships are important to you, invest in experiences.


Entertain or reward your clients with experiences that connect with them individually or with what's important to them and their values. It might be involving their family, it might be a bucket list event like AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup, NRL Grand Final or it might be a culinary and restaurant experience they will never forget.

If you can build anticipation it will almost certainly become more exciting, attendees will be more invested and the memory will be stronger.

The memories are what matters most and experiences create the memories in our everyday life.

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