Why You Must Start With Your Customer First

July 02, 2018
Why You Must Start With Your Customer First

We all live in a global, digitalised world with everything we want or need at the touch of a button. In the business world, it is becoming more important to have strong personal relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Too many of us settle and hide behind technology, sometimes neglecting the importance of personal contact and the relationship you have with your customers.

We see many businesses slow to adjust to today’s fast paced way of life, wasting money on a range of events and activities designed to grow relationships with customers, which actually end up not yielding any outcomes. Years ago it was easy to get closer to customers in the B2B space. Male dominated, sport focused.


The term Corporate Hospitality is outdated today… we refer to it as Client Engagement. You are 'engaging' your clients individually to build better relationships, making business discussions easier and working towards mutually beneficial outcomes. We are also changing quickly as individuals. As a business, it is important you adjust to these changes...

“We are all becoming more cultured, educated and attentive to our own self - meaning any engaging activity with your clients must be focused on their individual likes, interests and passions to generate the best business outcomes.” - Jordan Leask, Co Founder & CEO, TIXSTAR

A one size fits all approach does not work - so don’t fall into the trap of hosting an event because it sounds like everyone will like it. The odds are they won't.

You are much better off investing in bespoke experiences that are attentive to that individual client or group of clients... and do these on multiple occasions. It sounds like more work, but it is actually more efficient.


TIXSTAR works with corporate organisations who fall into the same trap - book an event, invest $000’s in doing so only to see many clients decline to attend or have non-decision makers attend in their place. The reason?

"Your clients are time poor and need something personalised delivered to them in order for them to value the experience you are offering."

This is also partly due a tendency for businesses to repeat the same client engagement activity as previous years. We no longer respond positively to the same experience repeated, as there is so much choice out there for us - a fear of missing out. Time is precious and the activity or experience must be something new, different and impressive to grab our attention. Here are some examples you should consider:

Winery Region Tours & Experiences - look at a regional winery experience focused on great food & wine. Invite partners so it is more inclusive, included helicopter transfers to make it more memorable.

• Art Exhibitions - consider a private art collection viewing as a cocktail experience.

AFL games with a difference – An AFL game with meet n greets or access to the inner sanctum, rather than just a standard corporate box or dining. Perhaps include your client's family to make it a greater connection.

• Family Entertainment Experience - show that your business values family by hosting clients and their children with a private cinema experience at Hoyts or Village.


Here are some of our key tips if you are delivering client events and activities for business:

• Understand your customers individually - the simple, most important knowledge you can have

• Look at more bespoke, carefully selected events to suit your clients

• Do not book an event first - know what your clients will respond best to and focus on that

• Less is often more - be selective and more impactful

• Measuring ROI allows for better decision making in the future - understand your objectives before deciding on any activity

TIXSTAR has developed a proven 4-step process, helping businesses understand their clients, ensure efficiencies, deliver the most impactful experiences and align and measure against their business specific objectives. Make your client engagement work.

Be more attentive with your customers and you won’t get left behind in today’s fast-paced world.