Why over 100 Authorised Providers use TIXSTAR to make experiences accessible

June 01, 2017
Why over 100 Authorised Providers use TIXSTAR to make experiences accessible

Over 100 Authorised Providers use TIXSTAR to help make it easy for customers to find their ticket packages, experiences and unique events. From sporting teams, leagues, venues, event promoters, travel package operators and experience providers there is something for anyone searching for more than just a ticket.

Hear what some of them had to say:

Collingwood Football Club Logo.svg

"Collingwood Football Club was one of the early adopters of TIXSTAR and since it's inception, we have watched our sales and online enquiries grow substantially over the last 18 months. Their platform allows new Collingwood FC clients to book with ease and having used the site for my own personal use, I know how customer friendly TIXSTAR is for the end user. I would recommend that all other vendors across the sports and entertainment industry embrace this technology. We now look at TIXSTAR as another sales and branding arm of our expanding business"

Ashley Klein | Collingwood Football Club

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"Although TIXSTAR was relatively new when we aligned in 2016, the site was able to generate a positive sales outcome for the Stadium in addition to providing a wonderful branding platform for our key hospitality products. I am looking forward to expanding our presence in the future."

Shane Stoddard | ANZ Stadium

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"Australian Turf Club use TIXSTAR to promote our Raceday hospitality experiences across our major venues. TIXSTAR has supported the club in providing sales & marketing support and gives us national reach with their growing client base. It is very convenient with all bookings coming directly to us to fulfil and manage and provides a ready made solution for customers to engage with our product mix."

Scott Kennedy | Australian Turf Club

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"TIXSTAR puts our brand in front of the key decision makers for client entertaining in Victoria and nationally. The ease of uploading products means we can list more and sell more. I would recommend TIXSTAR to anyone in the industry that wants to increase their revenues and be front and centre in the entertainment/sports industry."

Ash Robertson | Melbourne Racing Club

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Sportsnet Holidays logo Retina

"Sportsnet Holidays use TIXSTAR to help get our product range out to potential customers. It is great to align with a business that supports our objectives while providing a great customer experience. Being able to control our product listings is critical and TIXSTAR are a key partner to help us grow sales and enquiries of our travel packages."

Daniel Cecconi | Sportsnet Holidays

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art hotels logo

“Aligning with TIXSTAR has increased the exposure of the Art Series Hotel Group and assisted in the growth of packages listed. Our partnership has also afforded us opportunities to have face to face connections with the TIXSTAR audience which in turn has strengthened relationships and increased our conversion.”

Kylie Finnemore | Art Series Hotel Group