Love Sports & Entertainment? ...'Go There'

March 10, 2016
Love Sports & Entertainment? ...'Go There'

It is safe to say that us Aussies love sport & entertainment.... It is as passionate a pastime for all of us, so much so that we are the 4th largest sports & entertainment market in the world…not bad for a country with a population of approx. 23 million! We are lucky to have over 2,500 events each year and without doubt some of the best elite sport, cultural & entertainment experiences the world has to offer. Everything from our favorite sporting code and major events, favorite musical acts to our favorite foods, restaurants and culinary experiences.

There are so many great products, services and truly unique experiences out there that people simply don’t know about or think they are not affordable.There is so much choice for our next entertainment experience but where do we start? If I want to go to an event or experience something new do I just buy tickets online like everyone else? But what if I want more than tickets or it's a special occasion? Do I contact the venue? What about the competing teams or event organisers? What about buying from a company I know nothing about that are selling packages for that event? I have heard this often from people looking for the right experience and not knowing how to find it or where to go.

Australian’s have sport and entertainment in our DNA, it’s what we do. Whether its attending a sporting event with mates and family, taking your partner or going with the girls to a sold out concert or socially entertain at a nice restaurant, we do this as part of our social make up. If I asked you to name Australia’s greatest sporting heroes or best music and entertainment acts you could list more than you think….

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We have produced some of the best footballers (AFL, Soccer, Rugby), cricketers, swimmers, tennis players & golfers – the best rock bands, solo artists, entertainers and culinary innovators the world has seen. We should be proud of this and continue to enjoy such vibrant, creative and rewarding entertainment experiences to connect with.

So it’s time to make the most of your next live event experience – new venues with new technology like Wifi & stadium apps, get closer to the action than ever before, experiencing that memorable meeting with a sports hero, get VIP access or rub shoulders with a celebrity ….and do it with your clients, friends and family.

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As consumers, in today’s ultra competitive and busy lifestyle, the role of technology is playing a more important factor in our everyday lives.

• We want to search, compare and purchase when it suits us in the easiest way possible

• We want the best live experiences we can possibly get

• We want to share our social and live experiences with our family & friends on social media

• We want more interesting and unique content to consume, learn and educate ourselves

• When we attend an event we want to do it the best way possible

TIXSTAR helps you 'Go There'

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TIXSTAR is the place to find the best experiences in sports & entertainment direct from leagues, teams, venues, promoters and experience providers - for you to easily search, compare and purchase.

We aim to provide you with insights and share experiences that adds value in finding your next experience and leverages the unique offerings that sports & entertainment provides.

So, what are you waiting for? ..... 'Go There'