Top 5 Tips in Using Networks to Grow Sales

February 04, 2019
Top 5 Tips in Using Networks to Grow Sales

Sales professionals all over the country understand the importance of individual sales team members performance. The very best managers understand that partnerships of scale or expertise that help fill the pipeline of prospective customers...

Smart organisations either establish key networks themselves or join business networks that provide regular leads and potential clients. Yes that means often investing in corporate membership, but the right ones will deliver leads and new business opportunities for a fraction of the cost of a Full Time Sales Resource. It is becoming far more popular in the B2B space for organisations to invest part of their sales & marketing budget into corporate business networks for this exact purpose.

Once you are formally part of a business network group you need to strategically use it to reach your target audience.

Heres the top 5 tips in using networks to grow sales:

1 - Be visible to your target audience

You will want to get in front of the right people at the right time. Not only do business network groups provide the opportunity for your business and yourself personally, they also qualify why most attendees are part of the group. Most businesses join business networks for two reasons:

a) They want brand exposure to their target audience and to generate leads for their business b) They want cost-effective business introductions that drastically reduce their sales & marketing expenditure

B2B sales requires a very targeted strategic approach and external support in growing sales and new business opportunities.

2 - Identify the organisations and individual contacts you would like to meet

This can often be the daunting part of networking, but identifying these target companies and decision makers within these companies will be the first step in setting up for success. The key here is to then involve other people from the network (including the organisers) to work for you to create these introductions and opportunities.

You should be uncompromising in your approach to these contacts while taking guidance from the network organisers and members.

3 - The network should be working for you

The best business networks create opportunities for you without you having to do the work. Too often it is solely up to you to meet people and uncover the opportunity and for some this is difficult to manage. Proactive business groups like The Melbourne Network use dedicated Account Managers who look after facilitating these introductions. This leverages not just individual contacts but the group as a whole.

4 - Introductions to new people is a chance to understand who they are, what they do and how you can help

You never know where a conversation or new meeting can go.... being open to meeting new people is a critically part of sales and mandatory for successful sales results. Attitude can dictate success or failure in these activities, so have an open mind and be positive about helping others and you will most certainly receive the same in return.

5 - Make your connections about common ground, not your product or service straight away

Too many sales people talk immediately about their product or service, rather than building rapport and connection with a prospect. A lot of B2B activity has long lead times and therefore requires a patient and information gathering approach. The benefit of business networks and corporate groups is that there is immediate synergy and rapport to fall back on that establishes the ground work for further conversation.

If you are considering joining a business network group, consult the Melbourne Network for guidance and advice on how it can work best for you and your business.

The Melbourne Network is one of the fastest growing business groups in the country that is focused on business facilitation and entertainment around the best Melbourne has to offer. It is the platform to do business in Melbourne.

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