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Top 5 Tips in Planning Your 2017 Business Events

December 06, 2016
Top 5 Tips in Planning Your 2017 Business Events

I am sure you are thinking the same thing - "Where has 2016 gone?"..... As a new year begins, many businesses are planning to execute a range of business related events to elevate their brand, connect with their staff and engage their customers. Events can range from major sporting events like the AFL Grand Final, Australian Open Tennis, Formula 1 Grand Prix to more bespoke events like Private Restaurant Dining, a Golf Day or themed event like a private Gold Class movie screening.

Here are our top 5 tips in planning your 2017:

1. Be clear on your objectives

  • Is it a Brand or Product showcase? It needs to be seamless, informative, emotive and entertaining. Try a private screening at a Gold Class Cinema where you can use video to impact your customers have your brand on the big screen.

  • Are you Entertaining customers to achieve an outcome? If so, what is the purpose? Try inviting an important customer to an event they love such as their favourite AFL team, Concert or a memorable dining experience.

  • Are you implementing a Sales Incentive Program with clear Revenue targets? Your sales team will have set KPI's for customers/distributors to reach and this is their reward. A major event experience like the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Live Show like Adele, Justin Bieber or Kinky Boots or perhaps it is a Golf experience like no other.

  • Are you wanting better Staff + Client Engagement? Example - regular small events or provide gifts or rewards. Try a gift voucher, restaurant dining or event tickets.

  • Is it an event to win New Business + Network with potential customers? The environment you do this in is the key - relaxing, informal yet professional. Bespoke events or something unique will help you get the results you need. TIXSTAR Concierge can help you curate your own unique event.

  • Is it an event to communicate to your Industry peers? Think carefully about what you need to deliver and ensure the content of the event is relevant and informative.

Regardless of what you are aiming to deliver, it must be a memorable experience for your guests. From invitations, the moment they book or confirm, to receiving their tickets or package information, their first interaction etc.

2. Who is your internal Champion?

Many organisations are under-resourced in delivering business events, however it is imperative to have an internal staff who is running each event or the broader program. For those who have the responsibility of these events, it is imperative to seek assistance from your internal stakeholders so everyone is across decisions and what you are aiming to deliver. Lack of communication can be a major issue.

Many Event Managers, Personal Assistants or Executive Assistants, Sales Managers or General Managers are often overwhelmed when delivering these events for the organisation and it requires a team effort.

3. Variety of options

Having variety in your business events is important - especially if you are delivering these to a diverse group. Staff will react differently to customers who will react differently to distributors etc. Carefully selecting the event, incentive/reward or bespoke experience will determine your outcome. Be specific for your audience! TIXSTAR provides a marketplace of sports + entertainment experiences that can cover the above. If variety is what you need 'Go There'

4. Leverage Expertise

Don't be afraid to engage an external event company or other industry expertise in sourcing and managing your events. Yes it may cost slightly more, however using industry professionals can not only release the pressure of executing but importantly leave your guests with an experience to remember and connect with.

If you are needing to purchase tickets and packages to sporting events, concerts and entertainment, private dining or perhaps new experiences, TIXSTAR is the marketplace to search, find and buy in the easiest way. We can help you source the best events and experiences from over 100 sellers and deliver that event to remember!

5. The Experience

Your focus should always be on the experience your guests will remember.

If you are entertaining at an event like AFL, concert or a restaurant dining experience - go that little extra and make it memorable. If your guests follow a particular team, why not get them to the player's race as their team runs out or even toss the coin for that game? If it's dining why not aim for a private dining experience with a personalised menu from a celebrity chef. Or if it's a sales incentive or reward, make sure its not just great tickets and hospitality but includes accommodation, private transfers and any other elements that can elevate the experience for the winners.

TIXSTAR can do all the work for you in organising your 2017 events. If you can't find what you are looking for then go no further than TIXSTAR Concierge - your red carpet experience where we do all the work for you and curate the best experience possible within your budget to achieve your objectives.

So what are you waiting for? 'Go There'

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