Top 5 Event Entertainment Trends for Business for 2018

March 21, 2018
Top 5 Event Entertainment Trends for Business for 2018

What are the top trends for entertaining this year? What are the best companies doing in this space? We outline the key trends you must be doing for your client activities this year.

The Need for 'Engaging' Experiences

The term "Corporate Hospitality" is in the past. The traditional events or hospitality is not the way of the future. Expectations are different now than in the past and engaging customers today requires taking the extra step. The best companies know this and leverage expertise to help deliver these experiences to stand out from their competition and build better business relationships. Think of events that require some activity or participation from your clients as well as access or something different. There are thousands of examples and some of them are found here. The TIXSTAR team can help you find the best experience for the right occasion.

It starts with the Invitation

Every touch point with your clients is crucial and the invitation they receive is the very important. Do the best companies do this digitally or via post? The answer is both - digital has more impact and engagement with the client, however if it is an exclusive or premium event and well presented physical invitation is appropriate. The RSVP or confirmation process needs careful thought and using technology to do this is becoming more on trend with automation.

Gifting as a reminder

Most client entertainment events finish after a few drinks and the memory of the day or evening. More businesses today are providing gifts to their clients as a reminder of the experience. The most impactful gifting connects the individual with the experience and the brand or business, creating something more memorable. This can be provided at the event or even a few weeks post the event with a nice personal message. Make it impactful for your most important people.


It's all about the experience

Companies today are looking for more diverse experiences and the standard ticket is no longer enough. Major Event experiences remain appealing such as must see events like AFL and NRL Grand Finals, Superbowl in Atlanta 2019, Melbourne Cup and Australian Open. These events are becoming more appealing with packaging premium hospitality with new experiences such as access, vip parties and more. Bespoke experiences are also increasing, where more personal entertainment events are conducted for specific clients. Sales and Marketing is increasingly becoming a 1-on-1 game and careful attention to the individual matters.

Measure ROI

Successful businesses measure their entertainment and relationship activities for everything they do. Knowing their objectives prior and ensuring they get the right clients to the events is critical. Without measurement, event entertainment is a luxury most businesses cannot afford. There are some easy ways to set this up for your business and the TIXSTAR Corporate Solutions team help you do this to achieve your business objectives and make better future decisions.


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