The Platform to do Business in Melbourne

February 04, 2019
The Platform to do Business in Melbourne

Companies are always wanting to uncover new opportunities, new clients, new partnerships and more sales.

Sales people are always wanting more in their pipeline

Executives and Business Owners are always wanting to save money or form new, scaleable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

With some traditional sales methods becoming less effective as workloads, pressures and competition for attention impact our working time to make us busier than ever - companies are constantly looking for efficient ways to drive sales and opportunities.

Melbourne is a unique city on a global scale. We are the world's most liveable city with enviable grid layout, sporting facilities and major events, arts + culture, the food + coffee envy of the world, the most amazing wine region and world class sandbelt golf courses. Pair all of this with unrivalled history and story and you have the best city in the world (we are biased of course!).

The way of Business in Melbourne

Business in Melbourne is done differently than other cities in Australia and it comes from the basis of trust, relationships and delivering mutually beneficial outcomes. There is a status, reputation and deeper understanding that occurs that makes business unique.

The grammar school networks are more entrenched in Melbourne than any other city and this flows into business. When meeting new people you will often hear the "where did you go to school?" question... or hear the comment "I went to ....... school." This often validates the person on the pecking order of who you know or are connected to. Like it or not, this can be part of the process.

Business people in Melbourne often try to to get the point of understanding what other people do and how it may help them....

Sport + Entertainment is a critical theme in doing business in Melbourne

Melbournians will go to almost any world class event or offering and have the best sports & entertainment facilities and events that blends beautifully into food, wine and culture. Business is often conducted at these events or new connections are made in a social based setting.

The Melbourne Network has evolved into a supportive platform for a range of businesses as part of their sales strategies. Not only does it provide in-built support for members with their own Account Manager providing introductions to your target audiences, it also provides a low cost entertaining and rewarding platform through a host of themed events based on the best Melbourne has to offer.

Themed events include Grand Prix Penthouse for the Formula 1 at Albert Park, Spring Racing during Cox Plate Week and Grand Final Breakfast during the week of the AFL Grand Final. Cocktail networking at National Gallery of Victoria over a private art viewing, winter escape to Mitchelton Winery or High Tea with Come from Away theatre production....

Allows you to easily entertain clients, incentivise partners and reward staff in a cost effective manner.

But make no mistake, its all about business.... and The Melbourne Network is the Platform to do Business in Melbourne.

If you would like a confidential discussion on how The Melbourne Network can help grow your business, please contact:

James Webster

Business Development Manager

0433 251 205

Sue Mason

Business Development Manager

0437 947 455

Clint Hillas

CEO + Co-Founder

0402 203 681

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