The Melbourne Network and A Positive Move align with TIXSTAR

March 20, 2018
The Melbourne Network and A Positive Move align with TIXSTAR

We are pleased to announce the Melbourne Network and A Positive Move have officially joined TIXSTAR, the sports & entertainment experiences marketplace, to provide a complete full service solution for Melbourne Network members and corporate customers.

TIXSTAR launched in conjunction with Marketplacer in 2016 as a dedicated marketplace for sports & entertainment experiences. Over 100+ rights holders currently partner with TIXSTAR including some of the biggest names in the industry from sports leagues, teams, venues, entertainment promoters and more. Some of these vendors include the AFL, Etihad Stadium, the majority of AFL Clubs, ANZ Stadium, Victoria Racing Club, theatre producers Michael Cassel Group and Gordon Frost Organisation along with some of the best wineries in the country. The marketplace services the corporate market for client engagement, incentives and rewards solutions and is expanding into the consumer experiences market.

TIXSTAR Group CEO, Jordan Leask, said aligning the TIXSTAR marketplace with the Melbourne Network achieves a great outcome for Melbourne Network members.

"The TIXSTAR marketplace is a dedicated destination of 100+ sellers of sports + entertainment events and over 1,000+ experiences, giving Melbourne Network members access to the best experiences for any occasion for client entertainment, incentives, rewards, loyalty and gifting as part of their business. Each of our account managers are focused on outcomes for our members and providing the best possible solutions to enhance their client focused activities. The Melbourne Network is the fastest growing business group in Melbourne and continuing adding value to members is a key focus."

Bulidling Brands Director, Clint Hillas, says the alignment is an exciting new phase for the Melbourne Network:

"We are really excited to grow the Melbourne Network and continue to add value to our members through more engaging events, business facilitation and private event management for any client activities to help grow their business. This alignment provides a full solution for our members."

In addition to this alignment, renowned events business A Positive Move, has joined the TIXSTAR group that establishes the Melbourne Network as the fastest growing business group in Melbourne. Now backed by event and talent management services, Melbourne Network members now have an established partner for all their business event activities.

A Positive Move Director, Leanne Custerson, is excited on what this new partnership can bring its valued members:

"To have A Positive Move affiliated with Building Brands and Tixstar, who both rate connecting their members so highly, is very pleasing for us. Building a network which values its people, not only as clients but as part of a big 'family' is what A Positive Move has always been about. We are excited to see what this new alignment will achieve. I'm thrilled to still be here to support the existing A Positive Move members and I'm looking forward to forging some new relationships too."

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