The Changing Live Event Experience

February 17, 2016
The Changing Live Event Experience

At no point in human history have people been more time poor, and transversely had more choice on how, where and when to spend their hard-earned entertainment dollar.

With the rise of HD television, and it’s bigger, brighter brother 4K already here, fans enjoy unprecedented access to each and every game from any league they fancy, be it AFL or the NRL through to the big sports leagues in the US or as many as 20 soccer leagues, from our own A-League to the EPL, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and Italy’s Serie A.

Thanks to Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) sports fans can watch every minute of the action in the NBA, Major League Baseball or NFL every day.

The bells and whistles of the modern TV viewing experience are giving us more and more excuses NOT to jump in the car, or hop on the train, and head to the game, and sports bodies are reacting accordingly!

Enter WiFi, smart phone apps, HD scoreboards and LED signage, helping to enhance the visceral match or event day experience.

The Australian Open recently took the plunge into surrounding its show courts with LED signage, not only delivering greater exposure for the all-important sponsors, but also enhancing the in-stadium event experience for the fans, one of the first events in the world to do so.

The same tournament, which seemingly sets new attendance records year after year, and in many ways has led the way for the other Grand Slams to evolve its fan experience, augments the core product – tennis – with daily concerts and cutting edge sponsor activations, all making a ticket to the tennis a portal to personal involvement going well beyond the game, set and match.

Cricket’s Big Bash League (BBL) promises an event the whole family can delve into with fireworks, endless engagement via the big screens and experiences as varied as music acts and moto-cross high wire entertainment.

As for keeping up with the latest stats and your all-important super coach points, it’s never been simpler to follow all the updates via your smart phone with venues up and down the country upgrading WiFi and 4G internet capabilities.

And face it, there’s nothing like a beer or a pie with your mates, or a swankier option in a dining room if that tickles your fancy.

Sure, you could stay home, but you’re only getting the sausage, and missing out on the sizzle!