The Birdcage at the Beach - Polo Season is Here

November 08, 2016
The Birdcage at the Beach - Polo Season is Here

Picture the glitz, glamour and celebratory vibe of the Spring Racing Carnival and transport it from Melbourne’s industrial west to the serene beachside setting of prestigious Portsea, and you start to scratch the surface of the must-experience event Jeep Portsea Polo has become in a very short period of time.

It is Cup Day, Oaks ‘Ladies’ Day and the Derby rolled into one fantastic event, that boasts its own uniquely prestigious vibe, with the sea air floating across the picturesque Portsea Polo Ground and some of the world’s premier Polo players doing battle on the field in a romantic throwback to a sport with origins dating back to 6th century Persia.

With Royal Salute and The Jeep Portsea Polo you can experience the ‘Birdcage at the Beach’ – a glamorous and stylish backdrop with a relaxed vibe taking in three thrilling polo matches against a chilled setting of live bands, DJs, celebrities, fashion parades and interactive features including the famed champagne dash, divot stomping and much more.

The Royal Salute Oak Room is the Premium Ultra Summer Luxe Marquee site with unmatched hospitality, best consumed with a summer casual and clean look with smart detailing, and sunglasses being the must-have accessory. For the ladies flowing dresses and wedges or sandals are the norm (heels best left at home).

For the gents, think Flemington minus the jackets and ties while the ladies don’t have to fear the painful long walk post-event. Treat yourself and your clients to something outside the square this summer.

So if you're looking for the perfect summer activity with a touch of class, check out the The Royal Salute Oak Room at and 'Go There'.

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