Selling Event Tickets the Easy Way - A TIXSTAR 'How To' Guide

July 13, 2016
Selling Event Tickets the Easy Way - A TIXSTAR 'How To' Guide

You know how selling event tickets can be hard? TIXSTAR makes it easy, providing you with a simple, easy to use solution. Discover how simple it really is with our 'How To' Guide....

Signing In

The first step is probably the most obvious one, signing in at

If it’s your first time you’ll have to enter the unique username and password created for you by the TIXSTAR Operations Team. To do this simply click Sign In in the top left corner of the TIXSTAR home page. Once you have plugged in your details, click on the My Account.


2 TIXSTAR My Account

Setting Up a New Event

Now that you’re in your account, you’ll notice an extensive list of useful features, but for the purpose of sticking to the task at hand, you’ll want to click Set Up a New Event Advert.

What you will see next is a blank canvas, with all the tools to customise your event depending on its requirements.

3 TIXSTAR Set Up New Event

Step 1 – Choosing Your Event Type

  • Start as broad as Sport, Entertainment and work your way down to the very specifics of your event type.

This will help customers find your listing when browsing on the site.

Step 2 – Event Description

  • Make sure your Title achieves its primary purpose: accurately and succinctly describing the event.

It is important to give your potential customers the information they need, but still generate a level of intrigue.

  • Be clear on the list of Event Features (Inclusions & Benefits).

This doesn't have to be extensive, but it is key information that time-poor people will read over the event description.

  • Having said that, the Description is the perfect opportunity to be creative and descriptive when it comes to spruiking your event. It is also an essential tool to ensure site users are informed enough to potentially make that purchase.

Including finer details such as itineraries, dress codes etc. go a long way to minimising any confusion.

4 TIXSTAR Event Description

Step 3 – Uploading Event Images

  • With the event platform's drag & drop functionality, you have the capability to upload multiple images at any one time. Once the files are loaded in, you can also shuffle images in the order you believe will best represent your listing.

A quick hint is to make sure the photos you choose best tell the story of the experience you are advertising.

  • Add documentation (in pdf format) if appropriate. This is quite useful when attaching maps of venues, menus, or any specific additional information that the customer might need.
  • Also add promotional YouTube clips to enhance the visual experience for the user.

Once you're comfortable with all the details and imagery, it's time to Define your event



Step 4 – Setting Event Details

  • This step is fairly straightforward - setting your event Start/Finish Date, Time and Location.

  • Notice the option for Repeats; this gives you the capability to re-advertise your event daily or weekly if it reoccurs on a regular basis. With this feature activated, your event will automatically re-list in the time periods you choose, perfect for restaurant bookings and tours etc.

  • Summary allows you to label the set of event details you have created as a reference point in case you are creating multiple occurrences.

6TIXSTAR Event Details

Step 5 – Setting Your Tickets

Now that you've created your Event Details Occurrence, you will be able to attach tickets to your event.

  • First, select the Dates your tickets are attached to, then enter the Ticket Type.

This usually refers to whether the ticket is for an individual or a group.

  • The next optional step is setting a Ticket Subtype.

This helps site users filter through different types of tickets depending on their inclusions e.g. access to certain areas of a venue, member vs non member benefits etc.

  • Setting the Quantity (Stock Level) of tickets and their Price allows you to control the availability and value of your event options.

  • If you wish to list a Sale Price, do not remove the original price, simply enter the new sale price in the allocated field.

  • You can also set Minimum and Maximum ticket purchasing boundaries for the end user.

This means that for example, if your event has a minimum booking of 8 guests, you can set the minimum to 8, meaning the customer cannot purchase less than 8 tickets. The same logic applies when using the Maximum feature.

Once you are happy with the information you've provided, save your tickets, and follow the same step to Add Tickets if necessary.

Quick Hint: An easy way to create multiple tickets with similar details is to click the Copy icon, next to the Pencil icon (which allows you to edit existing details)

setting tickets

Step 6 – Selecting Registration Options

This step allows you to customise what details the customer must fill out when purchasing your tickets. Within this platform, there are three main options:

  • No Form Needed - This essentially allows the purchaser to pay for their tickets without filling in a registration form (they will only be required to fill in Billing Details)
  • Single Registration - The end user is required to fill in only one form on behalf of all guests (if they have selected multiple tickets). They will be sent only one ticket that encompasses whole purchase.
  • Multiple Registrations - The purchaser must fill out individual registration forms for each guest, and will receive individual tickets. This is most appropriate when event guest lists are needed

registration form options

Step 7 – Creating Your Customised Registration Form

The last important step to finalise your event is creating your Registration Form. Although this is an optional step, it is a great way to gain extra vital information from a customer for when the event date approaches.

Registration forms provided by TIXSTAR will always require a First Name, Last Name and Email Address, however other details such as Company, Title and Dietary Requirements can also be relevant.

  • To customise your own Registration Form, click on the scroll-down box Choose Form and then select Create New Form.

  • Now you can start adding Text or Drop Down Questions, with the added capability of making certain fields mandatory by ticking the 'This question must be answered' box.

  • Once you have finalised your form, give it a specified reference point in Form Name and then Save Form.

customised registration form

With all your details locked in and confirmed, select Save & Publish and your event is now online!

Now it's time to get selling!

After saving your event you will be taken to the central hub of My Adverts, where you can take products on and offline at any time with the Status tick box.

You can also Edit any existing event details and gain all the information from Registration Form answers in View Sold Tickets.

10TIXSTAR My Adverts

Additional Features

Your TIXSTAR account gives you the capability to check key stats on your listings such as Clicks and Views under Your Reports.

If you are paying a monthly subscription with TIXSTAR, you can access your billing details and download invoices at any time under Billing History, and change any account details such as phone and email under My Details.

Screen Shot 2016 07 13 at 8.40.38 AM

Screen Shot 2016 07 13 at 8.44.26 AM

Having trouble selling?

TIXSTAR is here to help. With our growing customer database, social media marketing, banner and EDM placement as well as outbound sales support, we give you a range of channels to give your listings the exposure they deserve.

Something still not making sense? Contact our Operations Team on (03) 9257 3255 or email at