It's All About the Experience

June 03, 2016
It's All About the Experience

Life is about memories and moments - "live in the moment" is a regularly used phrase we have all heard before. We value experiences more than we ever have before.

Our lives are so busy these days, we are time poor with competing priorities, stresses of work, technology consuming more and more of our lives - we often forget to take a step back and enjoy what we have with other people and "live in the moment". We are social creatures by habit and events & entertainment allow us to be entertained and be social all at once.

With less perceived available time we now expect things faster than ever before, better levels of service, quick action to accommodate our busy lives. An expectation of a certain standard of experience.

Being a father of two young kids, my life has never been busier with work, family, social connections, health & fitness etc. We collectively don't have as much time as we used to as life moves fast and we have so much competing for our attention.

When I want something it needs to be quick, easy, efficient and a good experience.

The experience begins online in many cases, researching brands, consuming content or purchasing goods or services. We want this to be the best experience possible or our view of that brand is a negative one.

technology quick search

Our expectations:

Online Experience - easy ability to search, compare and purchase. If it's not up to standard or too time consuming we simply move on.

Customer Service Experience - we want to be valued, we want to feel special, we want something memorable

The Live Event Experience - Is watching a sporting event in a standard seat enough these days? Probably not, unless the entertainment is spot on. Is waiting in long lines to buy a beer or food ok by today's standards? Slow WIFI at a venue? What about waiting that little bit longer to get your meal at a restaurant? Is this good enough? Maybe for a handful of people, I would argue we are all looking for that better experience...

We are wanting to find 'That Moment' - where we are "experiencing"..... that game winning goal or score, that engaging concert with your favourite song being played, that perfect meal in the right setting, that chance to meet that celebrity you've only seen on is about these moments and finding them has never been more easy.

motorcross etihad jump

Next time you are looking for that 'moment' - see what TIXSTAR has from the best brands in sports & entertainment - it will save you time, make it easy to find that experience you are after.

TIXSTAR is where you find sport, entertainment and amazing experiences including celebrity, food and wine, business events and more. Gift Vouchers can help you give that memorable moment to a loved on or for a special occasion. Entertain clients, reward staff, make that Xmas party special or celebrate a birthday, mothers day, fathers day or a family occasion. Do it differently and make the most of your next sports & entertainment experience and indulge that little bit - so what are you waiting for? Go on.....'Go There'