How to get the best access to live events?

February 17, 2016
How to get the best access to live events?

Let’s be honest, buying tickets and accessing sporting and live events isn’t much fun, is it?

Scouring through websites, flicking through emails and social media, all to get to an exclusive pre-sale that is anything but that, only to find those harrowing words ‘Allocation Exhausted’.

If you follow any of the popular sporting codes across Australia, there’s a good chance your favourite team will play at multiple venues meaning numerous ticket agencies, meaning more confusion and wasted time as you bounce from site to site, scratching your head.

Hustling for tickets and the right experience you are looking for carries with it a special kind of anxiety. You know the feeling! It’s 10.30am, your phone alarm comes up ‘Buy Tickets’. You jump on the computer, click on the link and wait... and wait... and wait. You watch the clock ticking as you refresh your screen time and again, only to get a message about it ‘being an extremely busy time’. If you’re lucky, you eventually get through, by which time the seats you wanted are long gone.

Thankfully the days of sleeping outside the MCG for AFL Grand Final tickets or major concert event are long gone, but getting your hands on a ticket to that one day in September, or see your favourite singer or band, can still be a confusing and stressful experience.

And speaking of experiences, when was the last time yours was taken to the next level cheering on your team, singing along to your favourite band or experiencing something you will never forget?

Some of the best and most exclusive offerings go untapped because clubs, leagues and promoters simply haven’t tapped into you, the fan. TIXSTAR exists to connect you with experiences that will blow your mind and make your day, week, month and year!

After all, being a fan and getting to the game or concert is supposed easy and fun, right? And let’s face it, being made to feel a little bit special at a game or event has never hurt anyone.

When you are looking for your next event experience, let TIXSTAR take all the hassle away for you. Search, compare, find and buy the experience you want - at anytime on any device.

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