Historical Experiences at Tyrrell's Vineyard

August 17, 2020
Historical Experiences at Tyrrell's Vineyard

Located within Hunter Valley is the iconic Tyrrell’s Vineyard. With some of Australia’s most awarded wines, Tyrell’s is a must for any fan of wine tasting. The vineyard, which was named ‘Winery of the Year’ in 2010 has over 160 years of winemaking experience. The winery is family owned since 1858 and currently operated by the fourth-generation member, Bruce Tyrrell. Tyrell’s winery offers absolutely everything, from tasting some award-winning wines to a tour through time of Tyrell’s history. Embark on a journey as you witness first-hand the original old oak vats and historic red cellar still in full operation. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the day at this beautiful and historic winery!

Experiences on offer

VIP Premium Tour and Tasting Experience

Get the opportunity to get a VIP tour of the Tyrrell’s Winery! While being assisted by a member of Tyrrell’s, you’ll be given a tour of the vineyard and get to explore the behind the scenes of the winery. This exclusive experience allows you to experience tasting wine directly from the barrels behind the scenes, as well as a tutored tasting session. Not to mention, being able to experience tasting Tyrrell’s award-winning wines from the Single Vineyard and Winemaker’s Selection. Which are premium selections from the private family cellar. Book this amazing experience now, which includes a guided tour of the historical vineyard and winery, barrel tasting, a tutored tasting session of Single Vineyard and Winemaker’s Selection ranges.


Sacred Site Exclusive Experience

If you’re looking for one of the most exclusive experiences Tyrell’s Sacred Site is the choice for you. This experience is hosted by either Bruce or Chris Tyrrell, the fourth and fifth generation of the Tyrell’s family. A personalised and private tour will include visiting the Tyrrell’s Sacred Sites vineyards, which are located on the Ashmans property. The ungrafted dry-grown vineyards of Sacred Sites which will be toured, are over 100 years old. Out of the eleven oldest vineyards located in NSW, Tyrell’s owns seven. All of which are still able to produce high quality exceptional fruit which make some of the most awarded wines in Australia. As well as, the private tour of the Sacred Site vineyard the experience also tours throughout the Tyrrell’s winery tour. Which will allow you to get to experience barrel tasting from the winery. Following this is a tutored tasting of the Sacred Sites collection of wines.

Furthermore, you can choose to extend this amazing experience through a dinning catered by Muse Dining. Rated one of the best restaurants in NSW, this includes a special 4 course lunch held at the Tyrrell’s winery. The exclusive menu which will be catered to perfectly match the selection of Museum wines which will also be provided. Be able to first-hand experience this package as it is one of the most unique winery experiences within Australia!