Feathertop's Gorgeous Scenery and Experiences

August 17, 2020
Feathertop's Gorgeous Scenery and Experiences

Feathertop Winery, Victoria

The Feathertop Winery is located within the Alpine Region of Victoria. The Winery which was established in 1988, was created with the inspiration of not only growing grapes but hosting tourists visiting. If you’re in search for a time stopping view, it’s offered at Feathertop. Imagine yourself enjoying a delightful glass of Feathertop’s finest wine, as you overlook the surrounding mountains. The winery offers everything you could wish for. From sophisticated accommodation to the variety of wine tastings, you’ll never want to return home. Not to mention the astounding cellar door. Which reveals behind tasteful selections of locally sourced Milawa Cheeses, meats and much more.

Experiences on offer

Pedal & Picnic in the Vines, Feathertop

This amazing experience includes enjoying the day at the Feathertop Winery. You’ll be able to get an exclusive tour of the vineyard, as you take in the sights as your very own pace. Either cycling or wandering the scenes of the vineyard, you’ll have the choice on how to take in the gorgeous scenery. Feathertop team members will also point out the selection of choices for your own personal picnic spot. At your own timing, a ready-made hamper will be delivered to your selected location. As well as a friendly team member ready to pour your wine and share some information of the vineyard, including a couple of secrets. This is the ideal package, if you’re readying to cycle, taste and unwind.


Behind the Wines & Vines, Feathertop

The Feathertop winery offers an inspiring discovery tour. For those of you which are interested in improving or beginning your knowledge of wine, this one’s for you. This experience offers a very exclusive behind the scenes tour of the wine making process. Your day will consist of a private host firstly guiding you through the vineyard. Introducing you to the different mixes and the vineyard philosophy. Continuing the guided vineyard and winery tour, you’ll hear an overview of the Boynton family, which founded the Winery. Concluding the tour, is where you’ll be able to learn about the wine crushing operations and further information on wine making philosophy. Even being able to try out some produced samples straight from the tank! Lastly, finishing off the experience is having a tutored wine tasting of current released wines. This is a once in a lifetime experience of visiting the inner sanctum of Feathertop.