Experiences mean Business

October 25, 2016
Experiences mean Business

The Australian sporting, entertainment and events landscape has never been stronger - it has something for everyone - major sporting events, concert and theatre shows, bespoke experiences and more.

Businesses are sharing events and experiences with their customers, aiming to leverage the popularity or specific event experience for better customer engagement. B2B brands are finding these on TIXSTAR, efficiently finding and purchasing the right experiences for the right customers. TIXSTAR allows sporting leagues, teams, venues, event promoters and experience providers to make these experiences easily accessible to potential customers to purchase directly in the easiest way.

Investing in business relationships is big business

According to the recent IBISWorld Industry Report on the Australian Events & Ticketing industry, we are expected to reach $281.1M in online revenues for 2016-2017. Industry revenue is projected to rise at a compound annual rate of 2.8% over the five years through 2021-22, to reach $322.2 million*. That is a huge number given our population size! It proves we love live events, sports, entertainment and social interaction more than any other country. This makes entertaining and providing experiences for business customers more important than ever.

Client entertainment is a huge investment for companies and makes up a large part of the industry - this is driven by the need for business people to entertain or reward guests at Major International Events, AFL games, Big Bash Cricket, A-League soccer, NBL, large entertainment shows and other bespoke experiences. With summer on the horizon, it is a great time for businesses to take advantage of warmer weather, outdoor events, and end the year on a positive note with their customers. The partnership between sports & entertainment rights holders and TIXSTAR allows businesses to not only easily search, find and purchase a wide range of experiences at these events, but also provide support in getting the most out of investing in client relationships and producing genuine business results.

"It is important for businesses to invest in client relationships and provide bespoke experiences for the individual customer - this results in better relationships and enables better business outcomes. This also applies to key suppliers, distributors and internal staff", says Jordan Leask, CEO and Co-Founder of TIXSTAR.

Getting the right customers to these events can be difficult. "One of the key ways to build stronger personal relationships with your customers is to understand them on a personal level outside of work - their interests, passions, family - find out what they value and give them that experience. TIXSTAR provides each individual customer that solution and choice of some of the best experiences in the country."

When prospecting for customers - it is getting more difficult and more competitive than ever - get in front of them by giving them the experience they may want and they will remember this more than your competitors.

With so many great live events and experiences, don't get left behind. Make a memorable experience for your customers. 'Go There'


TIXSTAR is used effectively by over 100 sports & entertainment brands, including major sports leagues, teams, venues, event promoters, travel package operators, experience providers and more. It enables them to easily list all their event products, packages and experiences for the customer to search, compare, find and buy in the easiest way. TIXSTAR is the destination for premium sports & entertainment experiences.

Events and experiences rewards and connects you with your customers. We make it easy for you to find and deliver the most meaningful personal experience, so you achieve the best outcome. for business or special occasion. TIXSTAR Concierge service does all the work for you - we work with the industry in providing the best experiences for your budget and business objectives.

TIXSTAR is based in Melbourne and is part of Marketplacer - the world's leading technology and business platform used globally by leading marketplaces BikeExchange, House of Home, TiniTrader, Outdoria, Cycling Tips and Lenzo.

*Statistical reference from "IBISWorld Industry Report OD4104 - Online Event Ticket Sales in Australia"