Experience The Ultimate Sporting Event - Super Bowl LIII, Atlanta

October 16, 2018
Experience The Ultimate Sporting Event - Super Bowl LIII, Atlanta

Arguably the biggest annual sporting event in the world, Super Bowl Sunday captivates millions around the world each year. The decider between the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) champions frequently attracts the biggest television audience of the year. In fact, the seven most watched broadcasts in U.S. television history are Super Bowls including the 2015 Patriots and Seahawks matchup, which was the largest with an average audience of 114.4 million viewers. The Super Bowl is only second to soccer’s UEFA Champions League final as the most watched annual sporting event worldwide. To further illustrate how much fans in America have an appetite for the Super Bowl, it is the second largest day for food consumption in the USA, only trailing Thanksgiving Day.

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia will host America’s biggest game. Now home of NFL team the Atlanta Falcons, this state of the art facility only opened in August 2017 and features a retractable roof as well as boating the world’s largest video board. The “Halo Board”, which is located right below the retractable roof, is a 360 degree jumbotron LED screen that if stretched out would be higher than the Eiffel Tower, a sight worth seeing on its own.

For local Falcon fans hoping their team will be vying for a first Super Bowl win, don’t get your hopes up. No team Never say never though… It is only a matter of time before that streak is broken and it could be this year. For those lucky enough to be in attendance at a Super Bowl, the experience of the event will stay with you for a lifetime.

Super Bowl experiences are obviously centered around the big game, but the city itself, in this case Atlanta will be home to over a million of visiting fans who don’t even have a game ticket! This city becomes a week-long party with live concerts on each night, an NFL themed interactive site for all, exclusive parties and other spectacular shows. The build up to the game is just a good an experience as the actual game is.

Australian company Insider Experience Sports is now the NFL’s only official authorised agent for Super Bowl tickets to Australia and New Zealand. Previously, fans from down under wanting to attend the Super Bowl would either have to pay outrageous, inflated prices for a golden ticket or pop onto the internet and cross their fingers they aren’t fake. Now with Insider Sports, American Football fans can purchase their Super Bowl ticket with peace of mind that they will actually be attending a bucket list event.

Insider Experiences also act as a personal concierge service, giving clients the option to tailor their once in a lifetime experience and add on other events including NBA games, another bucket list sporting event for many.

Game day is an experience in itself with Insider Experience Sports. Before being caught up in a four-hour long roller-coaster, enjoy a three-hour exclusive tailgate party produced by the NFL. A traditional event before every NFL game, tailgating normally takes place in the massive car parks surrounding NFL venues. With gourmet food and an open bar serving the finest wine and beer, tailgating truly is the only way to fully experience American sporting culture.


“As a group of mates heading to the Super Bowl, we knew we wanted to experience Super Bowl 50 the right way, and not be a part of a larger group of 70 or 80 people. Insider Experience provides the best value-for-money Super Bowl experience we could have asked for. From our personal Aussie/American host on site, to booking us at one of the NFL host hotels right in the thick of all the action downtown, to tables at trendy restaurants and bars, Insider Experience made our trip run smoothly from start to finish. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, only afforded to us because Insider Experience is so professional at what they do – thanks Insider!” - Geoff H (Super Bowl 50, San Francisco)

“My boys and I have always loved going to the footy together, in fact sports generally has played a huge part in our day-to-day lives for many years now. For us to be able to travel to the United States recently and experience the Super Bowl together is just an incredible shared experience that exceeded all of our expectations. The older I get the more important these types of opportunities are and the memories they provide. But even more important for me to know, is that that my boys will always remember our Super Bowl experience in Minneapolis long after I am gone. A big thank you to IE Sports for providing something truly special and memorable that I was able to share with my two sons. Whenever the boys and I get together we usually reminisce and talk about our amazing Super Bowl experience" - Mark (Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis)

If you’re looking for the ultimate Super Bowl LIII, Atlanta experience, TIXSTAR together with Insider Experience Sports, can get you there. Be part of the one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and create life long memories from this premier sporting event.

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