Experience Melbourne's Drinking History Tours

September 21, 2018
Experience Melbourne's Drinking History Tours

More fun than a walking tour

Classier than a pub crawl

Walking tours are extremely popular in cities around the world to explore on foot the history and secrets of the town. Yet sometimes, walking tours can get a little dry. Thank god for Melbourne’s Drinking History Tours.

Drinking History Tours is a fun, unique and social way for Melbournians, new Melbournians, travelers and groups a like to discover secrets behind the magnificent city. The tour combines the best of both worlds; the history, culture and insights of a walking tour, with the fun and socialising (minus the hangover) of a bar tour.

Perfect for an after work social event or just an evening out with mates, the Melbourne Laneway Tour is a great way to enjoy a drink and take in a bit of culture along the way!

A bit about the Melbourne Laneway Tour:

Sites: You will be shown some of Melbourne’s most fascinating, tucked away places. The sort of destinations you won’t see from a normal walking tour.

Bars: Experience a couple of great, CBD laneway bars, plus you will be shown a few more along the way for future reference.

History: After all, you are on a walking tour. From boozy founders to the bushrangers of the 21st century, you’ll hear about the stories and people that make Melbourne so unique. You’ll learn about famous murders, exclusive clubs, feminist icons, Chinese gold miners plus much more.

Duration: The tour lasts for three hours, which includes approximately two hours of walking and one hour of socializing and bar visits. The first bar stop lasts for about 30 minutes, while the second bar stop (which includes food) lasts about 40 minutes.

What's included: A selection of “snack-able” food – burger sliders, tacos etc. Vegetarian options can be requested but please make sure you tell your guide of any dietary requirements when you book and at the beginning of the tour. Drinks are not included in the price. As everyone’s drink tastes are unique, we don’t want to dictate what kind of beverage you should consume.

If you can imagine you and a few of your mates on a balmy night fully indulging in what Melbourne has to offer, do not hesitate to lock in your spots on the next Melbourne Laneway Tour.

TIXSTAR in partnership with Drinking History Tours has you covered. Held every Wednesday and Saturday evenings, learn a bit about Melbourne the social way.

Click here to book online. Alternatively, our customer service team is on hand to help you find the best experience for any occasion – Phone (03) 9257 3255 or email info@tixstar.com.au