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Etihad Stadium - An Exciting Future Ahead

October 13, 2016
Etihad Stadium - An Exciting Future Ahead

With the recent announcement of the AFL purchasing Etihad Stadium, the future of the stadium and major events in Melbourne is strong. It solidifies Etihad Stadium as one of the leading stadium venues in the country and provides its new owners some unique opportunities in the future.

Etihad Stadium has successfully used TIXSTAR to compliment it's product offering in market and support it's sales and marketing activities. With over 60 events per annum and a wide commercial offering for customers - from Medallion Club memberships, Casual Suites, Event Packages and more - Etihad Stadium successfully meets the needs of a diverse range of customers and importantly is effective in reaching these customers through a variety of channels.

TIXSTAR has enabled Etihad Stadium to make their product offering more accessible to potential customers and ultimately capture sales efficiently. The stadium's commercial team control all of their product offering through the platform and importantly control how they present our product mix in the market. In addition to engaging a specific audience of potential purchasers, it provides a strong customer experience while allowing the customer to enquire or purchase directly.

TIXSTAR allows its vendors control of all product information, imagery, pricing and inventory management through their own account. Importantly, all sales made through the TIXSTAR platform provide vendors with the customers details immediately. This is an important aspect allowing for sales teams to build relationships and potentially up-sell to achieve greater commercial outcomes. This has already resulted in multi-year membership sales and larger transactions.

Next year will prove exciting for the stadium with a new calendar of events, working closely with the AFL, continually improve the stadium experiences for customers (which is already first class) and the future opportunity of refurbishment will ensure Etihad Stadium reputation remains one of the world's leading sports & entertainment venues.

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