Entertaining Tips to Grow Your Business (and your personal relationships)

November 08, 2016
Entertaining Tips to Grow Your Business (and your personal relationships)

Any form of entertaining is about creating an experience for guests, built around the environment, comfort, great food & beverages and engaging company. Effective entertaining is giving people enjoyable memories, sharing experiences, developing rapport and building relationships - for business, for friendships and for family. If you are entertaining in the future, keep some of these tips in mind that will turn you into a power entertainer....

Client entertaining is an extension of your marketing & business-development strategy.

You can brand yourself and your business by creating memorable experiences that people will connect with and, importantly, associate with you and your business. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive. It just has to introduce people to things they haven't experienced before, or things they love and are passionate about.

Be energetic and engaging.

When entertaining, you need to effectively engage with your guests and make them feel special and important. Attend to your guests' needs so they can sit back and enjoy. This shows that you value them. Tell them about the evening or event ahead, get their feedback on what they would like and cater to their needs.

Start with a drink early.

Well before the evening kicks off, make sure you offer your guests a drink. Champagne is always a good start, however cater to their preferences. Doing this early shows you are in control and are look after them.

Food & Wine is the most important part of entertaining.

Entertaining is often focused on an event, for example a sporting match or concert. A key part of entertaining is the culinary component which is often overlooked. It is important not to serve cheap or average food, beer, wine etc. Incorporate something memorable in their evening such as a new restaurant, try a new wine or something themed with what you're doing. Some great examples of incorporating food and wine into your event include entertaining guests with a Peruvian Dining Experience at Pastuso, a Gold Class Cinema private screening or even at the Races. If needed, discuss with the host well before to create something a bit more memorable.

Introduce your guests to other colleagues or clients.

Often, invited guests are left to their own devices and stick with their own party, not knowing anyone or sitting on their own. It is very important to mingle with your guests and introduce them to other people. A lot of people feel a bit anxious in social environments, so go out of your way to make sure they are comfortable and involve them as much as you can.

Gifts to take home.

Give your guests a nice take-home gift to signify their evening or experience with you. Some of the best events I have been to have had a take-home gift or bag full of free stuff. It doesn't have to be extravagant, just a nice momento that reminds them of the evening, you and your business.

We still live in a relationship-driven world

Regardless of what business you are in, our world is still driven by relationships. Maintaining and growing relationships is critical in sales roles, dealing with suppliers and internal colleagues. Entertaining should be an important part of your marketing and business development strategy. Invest in your relationships to drive commercial outcomes.

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