Christmas Gifting for Clients: Make a Lasting Impact

December 05, 2017
Christmas Gifting for Clients: Make a Lasting Impact

It's that time of year again - all businesses want to say "thank you" to customers and staff for the year just gone, but what do we organise to say it?

Where do I find suitable gifts? What's the most appropriate gift? Do we gift the same thing to each customer or do we make it personalised? So many things to consider - but remember - gifting is about leaving a lasting impact that reflects your organisation.

As consumers we are moving more toward valuing experiences and not material things, we also appreciate something that's actually personalised to us. We no longer respond to a generic message. Historically businesses will offer standard low cost gifts that are cost effective with minimal hassle - think generic vouchers, chocolate, flowers, it could be just a Christmas card that says, "Thank you".... It could be alcohol. Quick and easy for whoever is organising and no thought on who we are sending them to. Wait a second….

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business!

When you're saying thank you to a customer on behalf of your organisation or inviting them to an event, you're giving them something that shows how you value them. It needs to be individualised and personal and reflective of their importance to your business.

A quick, easy and once size fits all approach will not work.

Cards will be thrown in the bin. Vouchers will not be used, or valued. It will be the wrong type of alcohol that you give them. Flowers...who cares! Too many businesses limit the impact that Christmas gifting can potentially bring to you and your business both now and in the future. it's important to understand that when you're gifting a client, make sure it is relevant to the level of importance that the particular customer has to your business. Think branding, think quality of card that you use, think how much you're spending, if it's your absolute best client, your number one customer, you cannot do business without them, spend appropriately on those individuals that show the importance of their business to you.

Identifying key influencers

Know who the key influencers are within a client's organisation - it could be multiple influencers or a single person, you need to know individually who these people are, what they love, their family circumstances, what are their passions.....and you need to cater to that individually. If John Smith is a key decision maker and he loves red wine, and is a family man, then don't just buy him a bottle of wine - buy him an experience at a winery that he can take his family, experience quality wine, and have an enjoyable day on his terms with his family doing what he loves. That makes him the hero and ticks the boxes of, "Yes, I value family. Yes, I love wine. Yes, this customer understands me." Imagine what that does for your business.

When gifting for customers you need to show them that you care. Token gifting could have a negative impact on your business and a waste of money or it can enhance relationships and open up opportunities for the new year.

The follow up

​Experiences also allow your organisation (as the gifter) to follow up in the new year. How did your winery experience go last month that we gave you for Christmas? Did you take the family? What did you think of the wines? You're engaging a customer outside of work related issues and on a deeper, personal level that connects that customer to your business. It also brings out emotions in the customer that will make that lasting impact. Then that customer will view your business much more positively. Those businesses that get this right can have a huge impact coming into next year on client retention, new revenues, and new business. Make sure you get your client gifting right this Christmas. It's never too late to book an experience and make sure it's in tune individually with who you're buying for. Make sure the person organising Christmas gifts within the organisation is thinking about these things, and make sure they're asking the right questions to best understand each and every person they’ve been asked to buy for.

TIXSTAR helps to make it easy when gifting for clients or any occasion with thousands of experiences in sports + entertainment along with support for more personalised curated experiences.

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