B2B Sales is About People

February 04, 2019
B2B Sales is About People

B2B Sales can be complex - getting to the right decision maker, multiple influencers in decisions, no visibility on conversations etc

As companies become more sophisticated in attracting new B2B clients there are some things that simply do not change.

B2B Sales is a people business - skilled and experienced sales people who can handle complex phone and in-person discussions, a solution focus that meets the unique needs of the customer, adaptive nature in providing exactly what the potential client (and current client) requires...the list goes on.

Investing in strong sales people is the key to success, but you will also need some extra help. According to a recent survey, 67% of sales people do not reach their sales goal each year(according to VSynergize).

Business people today are harder to get through to than ever - mobile phones have overtaken office phones, busier schedules, managing time efficiency, social media platforms and increased competition for attention makes it difficult to get to the customer at the right time.

The increased popularity of leveraging external networks to assist in business generation and opportunity has occurred for a reason. Getting through to potential customers is becoming more difficult and opening a discussion through a mutual contact or meaningful way gets you steps ahead in the sales process.

Being introduced or connected allows you to immediately have social, rapport building dialogue with a potential customer without needing to qualify yourself and your offering in a salesy cold call.

You immediately have a common connection or meaningful similarity without discussing business. Most people naturally relax and casually work out if progressing in a business discussion is beneficial. Even if it doesn't occur, this new connection may know your target audience and assist in some way.

Reputations are also on the line, and most business people only want to enhance their reputations and will not risk by providing an introduction that is not considered mutually beneficial.

In B2B sales, people buy from people.... the solution matters don't get me wrong, but there needs to be comfort and trust in the people. In other words, the relationship matters.

The Melbourne Network has grown significantly as a result of the change in business - it plays a key role for its members with a proactive approach to business development. Each member has its own dedicated account manager and works to connect members with potential opportunities via introductions and targeted business development.

In many ways, it acts as an extension of your sales team for a fraction of the cost of a sales person.

It is a key part to sales strategy that ensures success in today's sales world. Let The Melbourne Network do the work and help achieve your sales objectives.

If you would like a confidential discussion on how The Melbourne Network can help grow your business, please contact:

James Webster

Business Development Manager

0433 251 205


Sue Mason

Business Development Manager

0437 947 455


Clint Hillas

CEO + Co-Founder

0402 203 681


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