2018 St Kilda Football Club Legends Game

May 18, 2018
2018 St Kilda Football Club Legends Game

Growing up as a kid, the freedom to dream was one of life’s incredible gifts. Some kids want to be astronauts, some dream about being firefighters, others imagine being nurses or vets. But for many young boys and girls, the ultimate dream is to pull on the jumper of their beloved footy team and kick the game-winning goal.

Life as we all know tends to move a lot quicker than we planned, and unfortunately our dreams from our younger days tend to take a back seat and are replaced by a busy working lifestyle.

What if there was a way your lifelong football dream could still become a reality…

Well now there is!

Thanks to the St Kilda Football Club, you and your mates have the chance to take the field at Etihad Stadium alongside club greats and fellow Saints supporters, and play in a curtain raiser match before the Round 23 clash between the St Kilda and North Melbourne.

Let’s just picture this for a moment. You’re in the change rooms of Etihad Stadium - the same change rooms of the mighty Saints. You’re sitting in front of your locker, and you are presented with your very own Saints Guernsey. You throw it on with pride, pull your socks up and lace up your boots because the day has finally arrived… Your Moment.

You begin to walk up the race with your fellow team mates. This is it. The theme song begins to play as you take those first few indescribable steps onto the hallow turf of Etihad Stadium. Franklin, Ablett, Riewoldt, Judd and Dangerfield. Those are just a few of the biggest names in our game’s history who have graced this field, and now you are joining that prestigious club. Who knows, you might even find yourself lining up for a shot on goal to win the game – dream complete.

Not only is this an experience you will hold dear forever, you will also be creating lifelong friendships with fellow passionate Saints supporters. Following the game, you will feel united as one like never before, linking arm in arm with one another, and belting out “Oh when the Saints go marching in” with your St Kilda heroes - a moment that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


Then it’s time to shower up and get ready because the day is only just beginning. Head on up to the Saints Premier Lounge Function where you will find your seat to continue the day’s festivities and cheer on your mighty Saints.

It is simply incredible how sport brings people together. The emotion that football brings to us is so unique, and this experience with the Saints is definitely a moment that not only Saints fans but all footballs fans would simply love.

A football lover’s dream, turned into a reality.