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TIXSTAR arrived in March 2016 to provide a dedicated online destination for premium sports & entertainment experiences, basically anything more than just a ticket.

Co-Founders Jordan Leask and Clint Hillas were searching for packages to events regularly and found the experience of searching, comparing, finding and buying to be very time consuming and difficult. Searching multiple websites, finding packages, checking availability, making phone calls, receiving/sending emails, completing booking forms, scanning and emailing..... it was never-ending! There had to be a better way... The answer was a platform that brought all authorised providers together to make it easy for you as the customer to search, find and book.

Jordan and Clint joined with the Marketplacer Group - which began with the award-winning BikeExchange platform and has evolved into a further 9 marketplaces across 14 countries globally. The group currently operates BikeExchange, TiniTrader, House of Home, Cycling Tips, Outdoria, GoSee Australia, Lenzo, Textyled and TIXSTAR.

Live sport & entertainment is part of our DNA, and we make it easy to book your next experience when you are wanting more than a ticket. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, we have come across some of the most amazing experiences that a lot of customers are not aware of. We felt compelled to help you make your next live event experience as memorable as possible - TIXSTAR opens the door for you to access these experiences and book directly with over 100 authorised providers.

TIXSTAR was created to help you easily find and book the best experiences in sport & entertainment while unlocking amazing experiences.

What is TIXSTAR?

TIXSTAR is the destination for premium sports and entertainment experiences. We enable access to hundreds of experiences across major events, sporting teams, live entertainment, local and international travel packages, gift vouchers and more.

We created TIXSTAR to make it easy for you to find experiences beyond just a ticket to an event. We give you access to amazing experiences that are accessible and available for both corporate customers and individuals looking for an experience like no other.

For the business or brand looking to entertain valued clients, reward your staff or offer sales incentives, TIXSTAR makes it easy to help you access the best experiences for every purpose. If you are looking for that special gift that shows your loved ones how much they mean to you, be it for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas, book an experience with TIXSTAR that will be remembered.

What can we find on TIXSTAR?

You will find the best range of experiences available at major local and international sporting events, concerts, theatre shows and family entertainment, through to creatively curated unique experiences and gift vouchers. These packages can include premium seating and tickets, dining packages, corporate boxes, private suites, meet and greets, exclusive access, behind the scenes tours and many more exciting opportunities.

We are dedicated to providing you the very best service and range of experiences so that you can have moments that are remembered for a lifetime.

How TIXSTAR can help you?

Search Events -select from over 100 Authorised Providers and over 1,000 event experiences.

Find Premium Experiences - more than just a ticket, major events, live events and non event experiences.

Book your next event - entertaining clients, running a sales incentive program, conference or special occasion.

Custom Events & Experiences - the team at TIXSTAR are experts in curating the right experience for the right occasion. We are here to help!

Corporate Experiences - if you are needing to entertaining clients, create incentives and promotions to drive sales or reward staff there is a solution for everyone. TIXSTAR can source the right experiences for the right budget across over 100 authorised providers across the country. From standard hospitality packages, inner sanctum experiences to curated experiences for different customers, TIXSTAR can do it all. Contact our Corporate Team on (03) 9257 3255 or email info@tixstar.com and let us do the work.

Sales Incentives / Customer Promotions - growing sales is a must and incentivising your key customers is more important than ever. TIXSTAR can curate special incentives from our range of providers and negotiate the best experiences at the best price. If you are running promotions for distributors, retailers, suppliers, key customers or consumers we can do all the work for you to simply select the best incentive and experience.

Special Occasions - we are time poor and for that special occasion want to do something memorable. We provide curated packages across sport + entertainment events which include dining, ticketing and additional services including transfers and accommodation. If you can't find it on TIXSTAR, contact our team on (03) 9257 3255 or email info@tixstar.com

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