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Welcome to TIXSTAR – your destination for premium sports & entertainment experiences.

TIXSTAR is the place to search, find and buy directly from over 100 sports + entertainment brands including teams, leagues, venues, event promoters, experience providers and more. The most amazing experiences all in one place. 'Go There'

How does TIXSTAR work?

  • We have over 100 sellers of hospitality packages, live events, experiences, VIP access, and more

  • Sports & Entertainment sellers use TIXSTAR to directly market and sell their events, packages and experiences so customers can easily search, find and purchase in one place.

  • Once purchased, the customer receives contact from the seller directly, who confirms and sends all ticketing details and attends their event in style!

  • If you can't find what you want or require your own unique experience, our Concierge team will do the rest - from sourcing specific events to curating bespoke experiences just for you.

Why buy on TIXSTAR?

  • We save you the hassle of searching through multiple websites, make phone calls, emailing and completing booking forms when you decide to purchase

  • Our sophisticated search system enables you to refine your search from hundreds of thousands of nationwide products right down to exactly what you’re after

  • We bring the marketplace to you – everything sports & entertainment around the country is at your fingertips

  • We help you find your next amazing experience and allow you to shop safely online

So what are you waiting for? ..... 'Go There'

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