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HALLOWINE PART III - Decadence & Decay

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Hallowine Australia Pty Ltd

Hallowine Australia Pty Ltd

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Hedonsitic days, descend into nights of Decadence & Decay. Expel your logic and melt your guilt away.

You the Illuminati are summoned.

As the sun sets, the decadently adorned will descend into the depths of the earth, for an explorative evening journeying through the cellars of Mitchelton Winery. Feasting from opulent banquet tables, lavishing decadent wine pairings, whilst finding fun and folly from the varied entertainment. All of this will be included in your ticket price.

We are sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal what is in store for you this year, however we can share with you a glimpse into Hallowine of the past.

Dress Code: Decadent Black Tie

*For more information on event location, accommodation options, transport and other general information please see the attached pdf guide

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